Personalized Holiday Gifts

Let’s Get Personal

I’ve lived most of my holiday seasons in Texas, where personalized, monogrammed and customized gifts were the “be all, end all” of surprises. In fact, this was so much more than a trend in Texas - more like a tradition! It all started for me when my kids were babies. A good friend of mine in Houston used to hand paint and personalize all sorts of baby gifts, like personalized photo albums, picture frames, rocking chairs, step stools, t-shirts and more. She also made children’s items, so there was a little something special for every phase of life!

When my kids and younger relatives became teens, monogramming really jumped out as a must-have with duffels, camp travel kits, toiletry bags, thank you notes and totes.

This was especially so with the girls - monogramming meant EVERYTHING to them! I think there’s something about the simple, sophisticated sense of self that comes with personalized items; it just feels very grown up. That’s when we discovered The Monogram Shop, a gift store in Houston, which is the perfect spot to buy anything with a monogram or personalized effect. They literally have anything and everything you could ever want for a gift, and monograms are the cherry on top.

I actually ran into a dear family friend at The Monogram Shop when I was visiting Houston a few weeks ago - she happens to be the queen of gifting, which should tell you something! She let me in on another expert gifting secret that’s all about personalization. ISlides are customized slides that you design yourself. They can be worn by the pool, at the beach or on your way to your yoga class. They are absolutely the cutest, most thoughtful gift that I’ve seen in a long time - and they’re great for any age!

In addition to ISlides, I’ve rounded up a few of my other favorite personalized gift ideas at tons of price points - say hello to little details with BIG impact.

ISlide Custom Slides

Iphone Case

Monogrammed PJ’s

Personalized Gift From Grandkids

Personalized Cups And Tumblers

Monogrammed Baseball Caps

Personalized Phone Grips

Monogrammed Sherpa Jacket

Design Your Own M&M’s

Personalized Lucite Coaster Set

Monogrammed Knit Gloves

Personalized Custom Namesake Book For Kids

Personalized Wraps And Ponchos

Monogrammed Blankets

All of these gifts are simple reminders that a monogram or name is an extra-thoughtful touch. And you know what the best thing is? All of these gifts come right to your door. No need to fight the holiday traffic and crowds at the malls. They can all be ordered online. Just click the links below the photos and shop away!

Wishing y’all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!


xx Barbara

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