The LBD (Little Black Dress)


Chic, iconic and timeless, the little black dress (LBD) is simple elegance and glamour all wrapped up into one fashion staple that every woman should have at least one of in their closet. This time of year with holiday parties and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, if you don’t already own one, it’s something you should definitely put on your “got to get” list.

For me, a little black dress is something that I can rely on. It does everything I need it to and it’s the essential uniform for just about every occasion. I’m sure you’ve had those moments when you walk into your closet and after a quick look you say to yourself...Sigh. “I have nothing to wear.” This scenario has happened to every girl, teenager and woman I know, but the LBD’s that I now own are my go-to outfits any time of year for just about all of life’s events big or small. Trust me when I say this. You almost can’t have too many LBD’s in your closet.

The LBD is perfect to dress up or dress down and in Los Angeles the color black can take you anywhere and everywhere. If you don’t already own one, I’d suggest you check out a classic style like a “fit and flare” because it’s perfect for any occasion, day or night, and it’s a flattering style on almost everyone.

Black is an easy color to work around and you can easily add a pop of color with either a bright jacket, a great handbag, a colorful scarf or a statement pair of shoes for a little pizzaz. For me, I try to pick just one colorful item to wear with my LBD while keeping the rest black for more of a classic ensemble. For a casual look, try adding a leather motorcycle style jacket or even a cashmere sweater and you’ll be set.  Heels give the LBD an uptown attitude while a pair of ballerina flats or chelsea boots make it more subdued. For a dressier event it’s easy to add a beaded shrug, a beautiful jacket or even a gorgeous wrap plus a pair of black suede or black lace pumps and voila’! Total perfection. When traveling, it’s practical to pack a little black dress because by adding accessories, jewelry or layering pieces to that same dress, you can achieve so many different looks, especially when taking just one carry-on piece of luggage.

A classic LBD will remain with you for years so it’s worthwhile to invest in one that’s well made and built to last. This one item will become your closet workhorse. Whether it’s tailored, belted, a-line, fit and flare, one-shoulder or strapless, you can’t go wrong with any LBD. It will become your favorite “go to” fashion piece and you’ll never have an “I don’t have anything to wear” day again. I promise.